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Terry 2016

TERRY 2016

Terry is a Gay, Homeless, Muslim, who ran for president in 2016. He often makes videos "exposing" politicians, most notably, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson, where he just calls them crooked or insults them. His trademark phrase is "Seeeedddyyy". He uses the words "seriously" and "literally" alot. He participated in America's Got Talent, and has a page on the America's got talent wiki. Terry's old channel, Sexy Techno boy, can be found here. Terry has one of the most interesting histories of the ChuckleHuck's/lolcows of CackyJack. He originally was a DJ, Known as the Steinway Street DJ. He was on the TV show, Americas Got Talent, in 2007, known as Sexy Techno Boy. In 2010 he stopped being "Steinway Street DJ", according to This video, filmed when he stopped being Steinway street DJ. Based on that video you can tell that something is mentally wrong with him. His mental state decreased from there. Currently terry is a crazy homeless conspiracy theorist who roams the streets of NYC. Terry runs a website. You can find his YouTube channel here.

Left, Terry after becoming homeless. Right, Terry before becoming homeless.