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Ryan Sharpe
Terry 2016

Ryan Sharpe is a Canadian Mentally ill YouTuber who steals content from the Angry Grandpa Show. He is obsessed with Bridgette West, a person in the Angry Grandpa series. He is also paranoid of hackers. His channel has never been hacked, but if there is a bug in youtube or he doesnt know how to do something, he will blame it on hackers. If there is a technical glitch, he will blame it on hackers. Ryan has Autism and Cerebral Palsy. Ryan runs Ryan Video Clips, a channel which steals content from Angry Grandpa and also contains videos of Ryan complaining about hackers. Presumably, Ryan owns the Bridgette West Video Clips channel, which contains video clips of Bridgette West, stolen from the Angry Grandpa channel. Ryan also will defend the Bridgette West Video Clips channel, from people calling it fake. The channel claims to be Bridgette West. People will often call that channel fake which triggers Ryan. He gets into fights with these people. evidenced here and here. Ryan has even made many videos of himself being triggered because he is called fake, as evidenced here. Ryan is known to have a sister, and resides in Prince George, British Columbia with his family.